Upcoming Reunions

Join us for the 54th NYSCAA Reunion
on the Outer Banks of North Carolina from August 10-13, 2017!
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Every year we have a reunion during the first or second weekend in August (and sometimes in June or July). West Virginia reunions are held during July to allow for visits to Camp Pocahontas and other memorable camp locations.

In order to optimize alumni participation around the country, we rotate the location site of the reunion every year. The current rotation order is:

Reunion Region Location Date
54th South Outer Banks of North Carolina August 10-13, 2017
55th West Virginia TBA Summer 2018
56th West Coast TBA Summer 2019
57th East Coast TBA Summer 2020
58th Midwest TBA Summer 2021
Reunion 2003 Group Photo
Reunion 2003 Group Photo at Snowshoe Mountain Lodge (7/4/2003)