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Dr Frank YH Wang -- Oklahoma 1982

Frank Wang
Photo Credit: www.saxonpublishers.com
  • Preferred Name:
    Frank Wang

  • Web:

  • Home:
    2000 Wyckham Place
    Norman, OK 73072-3041
    Phone: (405) 366-1723
    Fax: (405) 292-3516
    Mobile: (405) 823-6179
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  • Work:
    Former Chairman
    Saxon Publishers, Inc.
    2600 John Saxon Blvd
    Norman, OK 73071
    Phone: (800) 284-7019 x6405
    Fax: (405) 573-6438

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  • Education:
    • AB Mathematics, Princeton University, 1986
    • PhD Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991

  • Occupation:
    Retired Chairman, Saxon Publishers, Inc. (I still maintain a small office in the company and do some occasional consulting); I left my position to pursue a lifelong passion and desire for teaching and now am a visiting professor in the mathematics department at the University of Oklahoma and am a scholar-in-residence for mathematics at the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics.

  • Family News:
    Married Judy Tsao, 1987 graduate of Wellesley College, in May 1992;
    Have three children: eldest son Christopher (born on 10/9/1996), 2nd child daughter Emily (born on 4/1/1999), and 3rd child daughter Waverly (born on 11/8/2000)

  • Other News:
    When I was a delegate from OK at NYSC, I was working for an eccentric retired air force test pilot named John Saxon at his dining room table. The co. grew and shortly before I got my PhD in 1991, he called me and asked if I would be interested in running his company, then with about 20 employees and revenues of a few million a year. I replied that he had gotten the wrong man, as I had not even run a lemonade stand. He laughed my concern off declaring "Just fake it and act like you know what you are doing." I did this from 1991 until 2001 when I stepped down as President and CEO and stayed on an additional year as Chairman. Our story has been chronicled in numerous publications like the Washington Post, Newsweek, and the Christian Science Monitor. (I reached the "pinnacle" of business success when my picture appeared in "dots" on the front page of the Wall Street Journal on April 11, 2001 (above the fold no less! ) I am now retired from my position as chairman and am pursuing a lifetime passion for teaching.

    I was the winner of the coveted Zelda award, which I still have, for having the most members of the camp attend my talk. I think I had more than 1/2 the members of the camp attend. The only other "honor" that approached this was getting my picture (in dots) on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, and "above the fold" no less !

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