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Dr Ewald W Hueffmeier Jr -- Nevada 1991

Ewald Hueffmeier
Photo Credit: www.cam.cornell.edu/~ewaldh/
  • Preferred Name:
    Ewald Hueffmeier

  • Web:

  • Home:
    421 Quail Run Ct
    Monterey, CA 93940-5726
    Phone: (831) 393-1262

  • Work:
    Mission Research Corporation
    10 Ragsdale Dr Ste 201
    Monterey, CA 93940-7813

  • Education:
    • BS Physics and Mathematics, California Institute of Technology
    • PhD Applied Mathematics, Cornell University, August 2002

  • Occupation:
    Communications Engineer. Designing and simulating error correcting code for military digital communications system upgrade.

  • Other News:
    I finally got out of school last August, having spent six years working on my Ph.D. at Cornell in Ithaca, NY. I wanted to get a job before hitting 30 and I made it with months to spare. I did some interviews in the fall and got a great job in Monterey, CA where I've been working for three whole weeks now. Since I finally have something other than a student's income, I'm sending in my Alumni Association dues this year.

  • Submitted: 01/26/2003 Bio Update Form

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