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August 20-24, 2009
Portland, Oregon

Reunion 2009

“Earth – mostly harmless.” – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams
“NYSC’ers — ???” – Let’s fill in the phrase for ourselves.

NYSCAA Reunion 2009 Group Photo in Portland, Oregon
Reunion 2009 Group Photo in Portland, Oregon (8/22/2009)

So what?

The economy is crashing around us, we’ve voted in a different administration here in the USA, oil prices are bouncing between 40 and 150 dollars a barrel on rumors or realities, and through this all, each of us is walking our own paths through life. Improbability abounds, so let’s create one more amazingly improbable event – celebration of the chance actions that created NYSC, caused us to discover it and the improbable travel through the last ever so many years we’ve witnessed.

2009 Reunion Theme: "Exploring nature – the planet and ourselves”

Home base will be the Shilo Inn Suites near the Portland (OREGON) airport (PDX). We plan to use this launching pad for the following activity opportunities.

  • Visits by light rail into Portland:
    • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the Portland Zoo, Powell’s Book Store, the Pittock Mansion, aerial tramway, and maybe even a few microbrew pubs.
  • Outdoor experiences:
    • Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood. Snow skiing, hiking, a huge CCC constructed “log cabin” lodge complete with St. Bernard mascots, incredible views, and good food.
    • Multnomah Falls, the Columbia Gorge, hiking trails, giant trees, scenic route with stop at Crown Point, a vista of hundreds of miles.
    • Special Paleontology opportunities if you are interested – before or after the reunion fossil hunting in the Astoria formation (send a special inquiry)
  • Music, memories, plans, discussions, even serious conversations - how we create the future.
    • Bring instruments and music!

So, pack your towel and catch the next Vogon (or other) express to Portland. We’ve chosen Portland because you can arrive here by Plane, Train, Ship, Car, Bicycle, Foot, even Horse. It’s up to you to choose the path.

Places to Stay

The Shilo Inn Suites will be our base of operations. In addition, there are actually no less than 10 other hotels within walking distance. A map is here. Feel free to shop around if you don’t like the price at the Shilo Inn. We’ve chosen it because it has a great breakfast, Wi-Fi, coffee, fruit and popcorn, but may be more expensive than some of the other places in the area. They have given us a good rate, at least $20/night lower than their normal rate if we have at least 10 rooms occupied. We’ll have the hospitality suite, seminars, general meeting and banquet at the Shilo. Booking Hotel: Direct with hotel, we’re group NYSC09. If you want to share a room with others, look on the Registration form.

Transportation During Event

The Timberline and Multnomah Fallis events will require vehicular transportation. The majority of the others are best accomplished by the free shuttle from the Shilo Inn to the MAX station and the use of the light rail. An all day pass for the MAX is $4.75, cheaper than parking. One all day pass will be included in your registration fee unless you request to not have it.

Registration Fee

We try to make the registration cost as low as possible and then each of you can share in the cost of the particular excursions you decide to take. For example if you want to go to Multnomah Falls, we’ll be traveling there in vans or cars and share rides to save money. The registration will cover the cost of our meeting room, the banquet room, the banquet, the hospitality suite, snacks, one all day pass on the light rail, fuel compensation or vehicle costs for the Timberline and Multnomah Falls trips and optional contribution to the “reunion stimulus” fund.

The registration form is available online with a registration fees listed. There is a “reunion stimulus” fund to help out, in case you need support to participate.

Schedule and Activities

Here is the tentative schedule of events.


Interested in presenting a seminar? Email with your topic.

Contact Information

The following NYSC Alumni are working to bring you this year's reunion:

  • David Hackleman (OR 69, Staph 77, 78, 90)
  • Deb Hackleman (David's wife who is really doing a lot of the work…)
  • Paul Shih (MI 1991; Staph 1992-95, 2007)
  • Jenny Shih (Staph 2007)
  • Susanne (Kumpf) Muhly (VA 1990)
  • Barbara Ann (Kumpf) McManus (VA 1993)
  • Melanie Kitzan Haindfield (ND 1991)
  • Samantha Hopkins (TN 1994, Staph 1996-97)

If you have any questions, ideas, or are interested in providing assistance while planning or during this year's NYSCAA reunion in Portland, Oregon, please email the reunion organizers en masse at or call David Hackleman at (541) 745-7121 .