NYSCAA 53rd Reunion
August 4-7, 2016
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Registration Form

The registration deadline is Thursday, July 21, 2016. If you have already registered, you can use the Online Payment page to add other options, e.g., additional registrations, guests for Saturday's reunion dinner, reunion financial aid contributions, dues, and donations.

If you have any questions, contact the the reunion organizers at .

  • Step 1: Fill out and submit the online registration form below.
  • Step 2: Submit an online payment, or send a check payable to “NYSCAA” and mail it by July 21, 2016 to:
    NYSCAA Reunion 2016, PO Box 2811, Charleston, WV 25330-2811

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Reunion Attendance
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I've already registered and am adding other options, e.g., additional registrations (include guest names in the box above), bringing a guest to Saturday's dinner, contribution, dues, donations.
Registration Fees
Registration fees cover the cost of snacks and beverages for the hospitality suite, including light breakfast food on Friday to Sunday. Registration fees do not cover activities, lunches, dinners (except as specified) or transportation.
* Full registration includes the Reunion Dinner on Saturday for ages 3 and up.
** Single-day registration for Saturday does *not* include the Reunion Dinner.

* Full Registration — Adults X $85 = $

* Full Registration — Children (ages 3 to 18) X $60 = $

Full Registration — Infants and young children under 3 (no meals) X $0 = $

** Single-Day Registration — Adults X $15 = $

** Single-Day Registration — Children (ages 3 to 18) X $5 = $

Single-Day Registration — Infants and young children under 3 (no meals) X $0 = $

Reunion Dinner Only on Saturday X $50 = $
Registration Fee Total:
Contributions, Annual Dues, and Donations
Financial aid contribution if you would like to help defray expenses for students registering for this reunion $
Voluntary Annual NYSCAA dues of $35 ($10 for alumni from 2013-2016) $
Donation to the NYSCAA $
Contributions, Dues, and Donations Total: $
Payment Info
Grand Total: $
I will be making an online payment via PayPal.

I will be making a check out to: “NYSCAA”

Meal/Dinner Planning
If attending the Saturday night reunion dinner, please indicate how many in your party prefer the non-vegetarian versus the vegetarian option.

Saturday Reunion Dinner — Non-vegetarian option

Saturday Reunion Dinner — Vegetarian option
Please list any food allergies or dietary restrictions for members of your party:
Please let us know if you will be staying with us at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center or will be lodging elsewhere.

I will be staying at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center and will make my own reservations via phone
I live or work in the Milwaukee area and have a place to stay
I will be staying with family and/or friends in the area
I will be staying elsewhere at another hotel:
Not applicable (if not attending)
Room Sharing
I'd like to be matched up with roommates.

Let us know your preferences on roommates, e.g., non-smoking female (not guaranteed).

Transportation Planning
Please let us know if you will be driving:

I will be driving
I will be renting a vehicle
I will not have a car (taking a bus, train, taxi, airport shuttle, carpooling, etc.)
Not applicable
I have seat(s) available for ride sharing
Yes, I would like to present a seminar. Plan for 15 minutes plus questions.

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