Alumni Giving

Adler Endowment Fund

The Adler Endowment Fund, created in honor of Isidore and Annie Adler, is dedicated to the operation of the National Youth Science Camp. Science Camp alumni and others who believed in the Science Camp's ideals formed the National Youth Science Foundation® in 1983 to supplement funding. This public charity has seen the Science Camp flourish over the past fifteen years. Additionally, the National Youth Science Foundation oversees the Mountaineer Youth Science Camp for outstanding young West Virginia science students entering their junior year. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law as the National Youth Science Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. The Endowment fund accepts cash, pledges, stocks or bonds, land, book royalty donations and other creative proposals. The principal of the fund is invested, and in time the interest will be drawn to aid in the operation of NYSC. To date, no interest nor principal has been tapped as the fund is in the development phase.

Make your donation and pledge today! No donation is too small or too large! The NYSF is a nonprofit, non-affiliated volunteer organization. The NYSF builds and supports science education programs that will impact our future for generations!

As of September 30, 2006 the Adler Fund principal was $287,713.88. When the fund reaches $5,000,000.00 the NYSC could operate in perpetuity on the interest generated.

Cash Donations: Adler Endowment Fund donations can be submitted online.

You can also snail mail your check, or send a check from your online banking account to the address below.

Please make checks payable to the NYSF Adler Endowment Fund.

National Youth Science Foundation
PO Box 3387
Charleston, WV 25333-3387

Or call the NYSF at (304) 205-9724 or email: .

Stock and Bond Donations: Contributions of appreciated publicly-traded securities held for more than 12 months can provide significant tax advantages over donating cash; ask your tax advisor for more information. The NYSF has an account at Wells Fargo Advisors.

To make a contribution of securities, please contact:

Mr. Ian McIlvaine, Senior Vice President – Investments
Wells Fargo Advisors
500 Lee Street E, Ste 1200
Charleston WV 25301
Tel 304-341-3925 | Toll-Free 800-325-8200 | Fax 304-342-5480

Please notify the NYSF directly with the specifics of your gift.

Land Donations: Contact the NYSF. Specify the location and a rough estimate of the cash value.

Book Royalties: Several individuals have donated all or part of the profits they are making on books they have written. Often, the publisher will also consider a matching donation due to the NYSF's nonprofit status. Contact the NYSF.

Pledges: Write or email your pledge to the NYSF. Individuals have made 10-year pledges for $100 through $1000 per year. The NYSF will reply in writing after each donation you make for your tax purposes.

Other: Contact the NYSF with your idea. Call (304) 205-9724 or email: