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Candidate for President-Elect

  • Josh Peters (LA 1999; Staph 2000-2005, 2009)

    As with many of the people reading this, the NYSC has had a profound impact on my life. Some of my most interesting conversations, strongest friendships, and best life lessons have come out of the program. I attended the NYSC as a delegate from Louisiana in 1999, served on staph from 2000-2005 and in 2009, and served as a presenter for several years. I have also been close to the NYSCAA, serving as a board member for three years, and attending several annual reunions.

    Each year, my interactions with the NYSC have offered much of the same appeal I experienced as a delegate - a centering experience that is just isolated enough from the breakneck pace of school and work to stay immersed in every moment - to think, listen, learn, and build great friendships. As an alumni body, it is important for us not only to support the ongoing efforts to recreate this experience for new generations, but also to relive our experience from time to time - remembering the camp philosophy of living for the moment, being willing to experience "firsts," reconnecting with old friends, and sharing our passion for science. I hope to work as an officer to continually improve the Alumni Association in this vein - making it an active and relevant body for its members.

Candidate for Secretary

  • Alex McPherson (WV 2007; Staph 2010)

    Since before I could remember, the Science Camp has held an important position in my life. But it wasn't until I years after being a delegate, and returning as a Staph member that I was truly able to see the magic it creates. To see the sparkle in the eyes of delegates and hear of the lives the camp has changed in these years after I've attended helps me realize what a truly special place it is.

    I was worried at first that I wouldn't be able to do this position justice with my schedule, but with the rumor of no other candidates,I now realize I can't standby idly let this hole remain. I will always be here to help when the NYSF and any of its subsidiaries are in need. This instance is not different.

    Previous to this, I served a three year term on the NYSCAA Board of Advisors.

Candidate for Treasurer

  • Klee Simmons (VA 2007)

    I attended this year's dinner and walk along the National Mall with the delegates and I spoke with Marjorie Varner. She suggested I apply because of how much I love the NYSC and my age and enthusiasm. I graduated from Georgia Tech so I have the head for math and deadlines. I feel that I would make an excellent candidate for this position.

Candidates for Board of Advisors (BOA)

  • John Davis (SC 1974; Staph 1977-1982)

    I appreciate what the NYSCAA is doing to keep the alumni connected and to promote the NYSC. I hope to be able to 'give back' to that effort by assisting with the operation of the association.

  • Stanley Thompson (CA 1991)

    Attending NYSC was a transformative experience for me. Only through the lens of 20 years and having attended alumni reunions have I come to appreciate how great an honor and a privilege it was to spend those few weeks in the hills of West Virginia in such remarkable company. I feel I have a debt to pay in return. Although I have not had an opportunity to return camp to contribute in person, I believe serving on the BOA is one way in which I can indirectly perpetuate the experience for future delegates.

  • Kevin Willey (IA 1979)

    I believe that the NYSC experience is an incredibly positive influence on young people and getting them to believe that anything is possible, even for a farm boy from IA. In today's world, collaboration and networking are even more vital and I believe that NYSC can be the seed for an incredibly powerful community if we make it happen.

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