NYSCAA Home Spring 2011 Newsletter

Reminding States to Send Delegates

One aspect of camp that no one expects is the absence of delegates due to a state's inaction. How is that possible? Don't the state coordinators realize how they have "cheated" their students of an enormous opportunity? Aren't they mortified by their neglect of the process? Do they even know NYSC exists?

These are all good questions and this year the NYSCAA made sure the answer to each was a resounding YES. Under the laser precision lash of president-elect Marjorie Foelker Varner TX79, a group of 1979 delegates, treasurer Pam Twigg and board member Cinda Stipe Voegtli contacted every state, including the District of Columbia, to make sure that the NYSC experience was trumpeted to those who needed to know.

After personalizing the boilerplate letter/cattle prod devised by Marjorie, each NYSC alum sent their plea to the state science coordinator or other significant person in charge of getting their delegates selected for camp. Atron Rowe SC79 contacted the southeast states; Robert Utterback NM79 took the southwest states. Dan Dunn NE79 hit the midwest states while Dave Fujii ID79 wrangled the high plains into submission. Cinda hit the northeast states and Pam made the Great Lakes states quake. Say that fast three times. That, that, that. Oh, the humor never ends. Marjorie did the other states along with DC as it is in her backyard.

The whole project was done in a matter of weeks once the deadline loomed close enough. And it wasn't even painful since each regional area had no more than seven states and a list of contacts was available.

Consider taking a piece of the action next year. Let's get the good word out about NYSC and never see another year with missing delegates.