NYSCAA 2014 Elections

Candidate Bios

President-Elect [ duties ]

Secretary [ duties ]

Treasurer [ duties ]

Board of Advisors (three positions open) [ duties ]

Candidate for President-Elect

  • Kylie Stevens (NV 2009; Staph 2010-2013)

    I was a delegate from Nevada in '09 and on staff from '10-'13. I am a first year grad student studying Middle Eastern history at the University of South Dakota. I love science camp more than anything. There is a reason that camp people are the best. The conditions that allows for delegate, staph and guest to come together as equals coalesces on the green and at the dinner table as people share their passions with one another. Staph and guests come back year after year because they are seeking the intentional interactions that science camp fosters every summer. If elected, I would continue to work to promote these interactions by encouraging camp adventures and OCEs.

Candidate for Secretary

  • Hayley Scheerer (MO 2009)

    Hayley is a warm-hearted individual who has a knack for organization. Currently she is working in a lab which calls for attention to detail which is key for an individual to be secretary of the NYSCAA. She loved science camp and does her best to have camp adventures when she can.

Candidate for Treasurer

  • Diane Saunders (NC 2007)

    Diane has served as Treasurer for the past year and understands the processes and accounts, plus she has access to all online banking. She's been a real trooper in dealing with the lengthy and complicated transfer of the required information to get her up to speed on all of the duties of Treasurer. Also, it's a good idea to have continuity in the position of Treasurer.

Candidates for Board of Advisors (BOA)

  • John Giroir (LA 1989; Staph 1990-1995)

    This is a great opportunity to be involved with a special group of people to work to reconnect and better connect NYSC alumni with the NYSC and fellow alumni. I have the past connections with the NYSC and NYSF to bring a lot to the table with this effort. Thank you for consideration of this opportunity to serve my fellow NYSC alumni!

  • Siri Hakala (MN 1994; Staph 1999)

    I would like to be a candidate for this position because I care about the well-being of NYSC, believe in the good it accomplishes and would like to contribute. NYSC alum continue to impress me (as I spend the afternoon reading about the Marovo Medical Mission started by NYSC alum Allan Daly and correspond with alum Molly Freeman currently in Uganda for the CDC) and this is a group I am proud to be affiliated with. In my current job as a biologist with NOAA I serve as an advisor and administrator for the Protected Species Division of the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center.

  • Sheila Stevens (IA 1987; Staph 1989-1990, 2004)

    After attending reunions the past two years I have a renewed link with NYSC that I would like to expand. I want to get more involved and serving on the board seems like a good way to start.

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