NYSCAA 2021 Elections

Candidate Bios

President-Elect [ duties ]

Secretary [ duties ]

Treasurer [ duties ]

Board of Advisors (two positions open) [ duties ]

Candidates for President-Elect

  • Amit Garg (NE 1994)

    I am running for President-Elect because I'd like to continue my involvement with the NYSC Alumni Association. I have been on the Board of Advisors for 3 years and Treasurer for the past two years. If elected, I will continue to build upon the progress that we have made in facilitating communication and connections with Alumni, continue to build upon our reinstated non-profit status, keeping the organization's finances on track, and continue to increase alumni engagement through a variety of programs such as the speaker series that will allow alumni to speak on topics of interest and share their knowledge with the broader alumni community. Thank you in advance for your consideration and vote!

Candidate for Secretary

  • Jay Blanchard (LA 1977)

    As it has been for many campers, I had no idea how much effect NYSC would have on my life. That little trip to West Virginia (Piedmont Airlines, former Navy pilot at the controls) started a life-long arc that I could never have seen coming. Since then, I have worked to engage alumni to join in shaping this arc for those who have arrived and departed from Camp Pocahontas in those sleek and shiny buses. In the past, I have served as President of the association, have been a member of the Board of Advisors, and I have hosted a reunion in Central Texas. I would like to continue to serve the association in a more direct manner by ensuring thorough and efficient communications from the officers and board to the body of the association and further our efforts to captivate and motivate alumni to make a difference.

  • Delaney Rose “DR” Ahrens (FL 2013; Staph 2018-2021)

Candidate for Treasurer

  • Chelsea Maher (AL 2010; Staph 2014-2015)

    I previously served on the Board of Advisors from 2017-2020, and would love to serve the alumni in an official capacity again. I hope we can keep the momentum of the association going and serve our fellow alumni in a meaningful way.

Candidates for Board of Advisors (BOA)

  • Ashton Nicewonger (SC 2013; Staph 2015-2016, 2018, 2021)

    I've always wanted to give back to NYSCAA, but not thought it to be the right time. Working as staph again this summer and interacting with so many alumni as well as current delegates solidified my resolve to serve in this capacity and I am sure now more than ever that it is the right time. Not only am I camped in Charlottesville, VA doing my PhD for the next five years (i.e. very stable and aware of my obligations and time / energy thresholds now and moving forward), but I also am confident in my ability to perform the duties required professionally and effectively. The delegates this year were devastated to see camp end (as they are every year), and we reassured them that the NYSCAA would provide endless opportunities for inspiration, mentorship, motivation, and challenge. Sharing this message with them and encouraging them to participate and connect with alumni helped me realize I want to do more than just be on staph: contributing to the experiences and connections of all alumni would be an honor. I really am ready and willing to serve and give back to those who have already given so much to me!

  • Alex McPherson (WV 2007; Staph 2010)

    As the world around us changes the National Youth Science Camp faces new challenges in remaining visionary and attracting the best young minds the U.S. (and world) has to offer. It's been several years since I've held a Board of Advisor office and in that time I've advanced to a leadership role in my digital marketing and analytics company. With my newfound skills I guide multiple Fortune 500 companies on the best tactics to expand their audience base and boost brand awareness. I'd now like to contribute my skill set to the National Youth Science Camp to ensure it's able to guide young minds for years to come. I'd be humbled by your vote. Thank you!

Vote now! All votes must be received by 11:59 PM EDT on Monday, August 30, 2021.