NYSCAA 2023 Elections

Candidate Bios

President-Elect [ duties ]

Secretary [ duties ]

Treasurer [ duties ]

Board of Advisors (four positions open: three 3-year terms and one 2-year term) [ duties ]

Candidates for President-Elect

  • Kylie (Stevens) Conover (NV 2009; Staph 2010-2012, 2016, 2020-2022)

    Kylie has served in many roles over the years on Staph at NYSCamp, both pre- and post-pandemic, and has a great understanding of the true spirit of camp. Kylie has made connection with alumni across many decades of camp delegates. She has also previously held the role of NYSCAA President. She knows the issues facing both organizations and wants to be a part of the solution to overcoming them. Because of this, Kylie is an excellent choice to honor the traditions we hold dear, while helping our organization make progress and grow into the future.

  • Niharika “Neha” Maity (FL 2016)

    As a candidate for NYSCAA President-Elect, I will continue to ensure communications are maintained across the NYSCAA board and alumni. I will also seek feedback from the greater alumni community on the engagements and programs they'd like to see.

    I am interested in helping put together reunions throughout the year regionally and virtually to allow campers to be connected and continue to foster community. With my fellow 2016 alums, we have video calls with each other from time to time and it is always such a nice opportunity to reconnect with one another. We also plan to gather with each other if one of us is visiting a city that other alums are located in. This can be applied on a wider scale across the greater alumni community. For alumni of all ages, local regional gatherings can serve as a way to maintain connections and allow an exchange between older and younger alums. For those interested, mentoring relationships can be established. Typically, individuals tend to spend time with those around the same age. Through NYSC alumni reunions, we have the unique experience of interacting with many different generations and it has inspired me to connect more with individuals of all ages.

    I also want to implement language speaking sessions. I learned Spanish in high school and haven’t been able to use it very much since. By setting up events where we can speak in Spanish, English, and other languages, it is an untapped resource to practice with native speakers. During my summer at camp, I seized the opportunity to practice my Spanish speaking with the Latin American delegates and in turn they were able to practice their English speaking.

    The skills that I gained as the Women’s Impact Network (WIN) lead are transferable. As a WIN lead, I plan events, help grow our membership and provide an inclusive community for employees. WIN is one of Lockheed Martin’s BRGs and I have been in the role for over two years. I coordinate and conduct professional development and networking events for employees.

    Together, with efficient communication, we can engage everyone. I have personally enjoyed every event and reunion with the NYSCAA and always love reuniting with and meeting other alums. As President-Elect, I will continue to channel my enthusiasm for science camp and consider everyone’s feedback. Thank you for your consideration.

Candidate for Secretary

  • Sherry Gao (AR 2015; Staph 2019, 2021, 2023)

    I would like to nominate myself for the Secretary position in the NYSCAA because I value clear communication and efficient record-keeping and would like to leverage those skills to improve the relationship between NYSCAA and the NYSA. My ability to facilitate communication among members and produce newsletters will contribute to the association's cohesion and engagement.

Candidate for Treasurer

  • Brian Thornber (RI 2017; Staph 2018-2019)

    Brian has been heavily involved in the alumni association on the Board of Advisors and would do well continuing to stay involved!

Candidates for Board of Advisors (BOA)

  • William “Billy” John Hilton III (SC 1995; Staph 1990)

    Several former campers and friends suggested that Billy might be a good choice for the Board. He just got his MBA and started a new job, but I asked him and he would be willing to serve. I think he would be a good Treasurer, but didn’t know if you’d prefer someone with Board experience for that position. He has the personality and disposition to be a good Board member, plus has a lifelong knowledge of and love of NYSC.

  • James “Jim” P MacDonald (MI 1981)

    Over the years I've stayed in touch with a few NYSC alums whom I met in camp or along the way -- Charlotte Mao (AZ '81), Julie Wilson (WV '99), Tim Cripe (MD '78 and staph). A few weeks in WV makes for a fraternity/sorority that lasts for a lifetime!!! I have enjoyed supporting the foundation financially over the years but have wanted to get more involved as time goes on. Living in California for most of my adult life I felt very distant, but over the last 13 years in Ohio I am aware of my proximity to Camp Pocahontas and rue the fact I have not, in fact, become more deeply involved. Throughout my life I have made it a habit to support and give back to the organizations that made me the person I am. NYSC is one of these special entities. I am throwing my hat in the ring to 'give back' and ensure this transformational experience remains available for future generations.

  • Jaden Alder Moon (WA 2016; Staph 2018, 2023)

    I would like to become a candidate for this role in order to further the core values of the NYSC in whatever way I can. I believe that the experience (representative of the camp, the alumni association, and the academy) as a whole is a unique, magical experience that has a great deal of potential that we should all be striving towards expanding. I would like to do my part in bridging perceived gaps and contributing to the growth and development of this experience.

  • Anita Riddle (AZ 1980; Staph 1981)

    Dear NYSCAA Board Selection Committee,

    Thank you for considering my self-nomination to the NYSCAA.

    My family, including my delegate daughter Christine Schmidt (UT 2023), presenter daughter (Sierra Schmidt 2023), and husband Steven Schmidt strongly support and encourage my involvement on the board of NYSCAA.

    After visiting the NYSCamp in July 2023 in person to present and to surprise my delegate daughter, I realized the NYSC "magic" is alive and strong. That magic still joyfully opens the world to delegates. The staph are talented, resourceful, funny, and cheerful. If chosen for a board position I want to help ensure the traditions and quality programming are imbedded into a strategic plan along with sufficient resources to maintain the annual resident camp into the future.

    I also want to understand from recent staph, campers and lecturers what the current camp needs are. I want to study and influence priorities for resources. During my short July 2023 visit I received just a glimpse of a camper's and lecturer's experience. I envisioned a few improvement ideas - mostly in the facilities area.

    I just paid my dues and established a small monthly donation to NYSF. I am a retired engineer and executive. I was selected as alumna of the year in 2016.

    I have experience actively serving on boards, including:

    1. Board of Trustees member and vice-chair for Lamar University Foundation (2014-2018);
    2. Board of Trustees Treasurer for The Academy at World Champions Centre, home of Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, (2016-2018);
    3. Local PTA President, VP, Secretary, (2018-2023)
    4. Board of Directors, Girl Scouts of Utah, 2nd Vice-chair and member (2022-current)

    My youngest child, Christine Schmidt UT 2023, just graduated high school and is off to Purdue University. I have time to dedicate to NYSCAA. I am able to travel. I really want to give back to NYSC as it has provided so much joy and opportunities for me and my family members for many years.

    Thank you very much for reading and considering me for a position on the NYSCAA board.

    Anita Riddle
    AZ 1980

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