NYSCAA 56th Reunion
August 1-4, 2019
San Jose, California


Look who's coming!

Remember ... we'd love to see you for the whole reunion, but if your schedule is tight, you're more than welcome to join us to spend the day with fellow alumni, the banquet on Saturday, or just to say hi (just select the Single-Day option on the registration form)!

And we know there will always be those last-minute attendees as well as folks who just want to surprise us! :-)

If you would like to contact any of the attendees, please email .

Name Affiliation Accompanied By
Lee Altenberg CA 1975  
David Anderson WY 1990 Jennelle Anderson (wife) and Stanton Anderson
Clark Barrett UT 1989  
Steven “Steve” Blasberg CA 1968 Jan Blasberg (wife)
Darcie Boschee ND 1987; Staph 1991-1992  
Grace Bower CA 2016  
Lorna Brundage MO 1979  
Eleanor “Ellie” Burgess AZ 2012; Staph 2013  
Alan Burnham IA 1968 Guest
Rachel Capinpin HI 2013 Guest
Teresa Cheng CA 1978  
Claude Elk Staph 1987-1992  
John Elk Staph  
Judy Engibous LA 1981  
Kaleigh Felisberto PA 2005; Staph 2011-2012 Brandon Abad
Kathy Hewiit Giori MN 1982 Nick Giori (husband)
Virup Gubba CA 2012  
Frank Gurnee MI 1968 Guest
David “Dave” Hackleman OR 1969; Staph 1977-1978, 1990 Deb Hackleman (wife)
Semele Halkedis Heller PA 1986 David Heller (husband), George Heller (son), Stephen Heller (son), and Katherine Heller (daughter)
Nhi Ho CA 2012  
Ouwen Huang TX 2012  
Benjamin Hutchison NY 2006  
Katherine “Katie” Inderbitzen NH 1998; Staph 1999, 2002, 2017-2019 Mark Spear
Lorraine Kainuma HI 1976  
James Krapfl IA 1989  
Wilson Liao OH 1994  
Grace Lin MI 1993; Staph 1994-1995 Ian Harris, Maya Harris (daughter) and Kai Harris
Dakota Loberger OR 2016; Staph 2017-2018 Guest
Bram Lovelace NC 2019; Staph 2005-2008 Janell Lehmann Lovelace (mom; MO 1986; Staph 1990, 2005-2008) and Tanner Lovelace (dad)
Janell Lehmann Lovelace MO 1986; Staph 1990, 2005-2008 Tanner Lovelace (husband) and Bram Lovelace (son; NC 2019; Staph 2005-2008)
Katherine “Kat” Magoulick AR 2014  
Liwen “Lee” Mah CA 1989; Staph 1990-1992, 2002  
Mark McCord TN 1979; Staph 1980-1982  
Brenda McLaughlin NH 1978  
Sophia “Sophie” Miron NJ 1982 Jawxillion Loeb (partner) and Eliezer “Eli” Miron (son)
Kimberly “Kim” Phillip WI 2014; Staph 2018  
Gayle Schaeffer ID 1976  
Sheila Schmidt Stevens IA 1987; Staph 1989-1990, 2004 Russell “Russ” Stevens (husband, Staph 2004)
Russell “Russ” Stevens Staph 2004 Sheila Schmidt Stevens (wife; IA 1987; Staph 1989-1990, 2004)
Jessica Eastman Stewart AL 2001 Cameron Stewart (son)
David Sung AK 1978  
John Vastano TX 1977  
Cinda Stipe Voegtli LA 1977 William “Bill” Voegtli Jr (husband)
Julie Wentworth RI 1994; Staph 1997-1998 Tony Desouza

Note: “Staph” is the traditional spelling for the National Youth Science Camp staff to highlight their infectious enthusiasm!